Past projects

European Projects

MoDeNa stands for Modelling of morphology Development of micro- and Nano Structures and is a European project that successfully finished at the end of 2016. The main goal was to develop and demonstrate a multi-scale, software-modelling framework under an open-source license. MoDeNa links models with feasible computational loads for process and product design of complex materials and leads to research that fundamentally improves the properties of nanomaterials. MoDeNa can be downloaded at the following link. The final structure of the MoDeNa platform is depicted in the figure on the right. The platform was used to numerically simulate complex multi-scale production process of polyurethane foam. For more details on how MoDeNa works and what are the key elements of the platform, download the pdf file at the link.

TULCS stands for Tools for Ultra Large Container Ships and is a European project that successfully finished in 2012. The main goal of the project was to deliver validated design tools and guidelines, capable of analyzing hydro-structure interaction problems relevant to ULCS. To get a better idea of the scale take a look at the figure on the left. The ship is called Emma Maersk produced at Odense Steel Shipyard in 2006 and is 397.7m long. More details about the project can be access in the following pdf file.