Support & training

With our expert knowledge in open source CFD and over 20 years of development and support experience, we are helping users to apply the software to its full capabilities. Fast-turn over and your capability for custom modelling are enabled as we help you to  develop your in-house expertise. Wikki is a premier provider of support and consultancy for all versions of foam-extend and OpenFOAM®.

Typically, training and support go hand in hand, as the initial expertise in consultancy and custom development projects is transferred to in-house development and problem-solving. Wikki provides customised training sessions, which focus on the applications of your company and your level of experience. For a first hand experience, please have a look at some of the Short tutorials on CFD by Prof. Hrvoje Jasak.

For selected applications, which require both customized code and problem specific knowledge for their use, Wikki has developed specialized packages that provide your company with maximized CFD performance in this area.