Deployment and integration

foam-extend and OpenFOAM provide extensive capability for CFD simulation. To realise this potential for your company, Wikki offers a variety of services:

  • Validation of solvers for specific applications including error estimation. This knowledge is the basis on which you can trust your numerical predictions.
  • Installation of foam-extend and OpenFOAM in server, cluster and HPC environments.
  • Evaluation of GPU vs. classic CPU configurations with regard both performance and costs.
  • Workflow integrating foam-extend and OpenFOAM with third party software such as Salome or Dakota.
  • Speed-up through software profiling and optimisation including parallel performance. This saves time and computational costs.
  • Deployment with pre-compiled packages, such as .rpm and .deb, for various platforms.
  • Test-loop setup enabling daily build compilations.

Through our work experience in multinational companies, we deeply understand the engineering perspective in our work. That's why we design and deploy with focus on creating practical solutions. Let's find out how we can support your business!