Our Services

Wikki offers a wide range of services for open source CFD applications. As company founder Prof. Hrvoje Jasak is one of the principal authors of the OpenFOAM® code, we can provide highest level of expertise and deep insight into CFD.

Physics Models
Creating models and solvers even for the most complex modelling requirements in engineering, including customized transport equations, multi-phase flow problems, fluid-structure interaction, etc.

Support & Training
Helping you to integrate foam-extend and OpenFOAM® in your engineering and design environment; code packages with special support; customized training seminars.

Establishing optimization configurations using many different methods including adjoint and automated optimization loops (supervisor, meshing, solving, parameter estimation).

Deployment & Integration
Validation of code accuracy, Integration with other software packages (e.g. Salome, DAKOTA, HPC).

Software Engineering
As experts C++ software design, we help to devise solutions for object oriented software engineering.

Collaborative Research
We work together with universities and research institutions worldwide to advance the possibilities of numerical simulation.