OpenFOAM Workshops

The OpenFOAM Workshop is the longest running conference on CFD with foam-extend and OpenFOAM®. Since 2006, the Workshop is scheduled each year. Past workshops have been held at locations around the world (see list below) and have been attended by OpenFOAM users and developers from all continents. The central part of the Workshop is the multi-day conference, where presentations and posters on industrial applications and academic research are shown. In addition, one full day is reserved for training sessions, where experienced OpenFOAM instructors give hands-on tutorials for all levels of experience with foam-extend and OpenFOAM®. A community day offers the possibility to meet people with similar areas of interest in "birds-of-a-feather" sessions and work-group meetings. The OpenFOAM Workshop thus provides a unique opportunity to connect and share experience with other foam-extend and OpenFOAM® users.

Official homepages of the previous Workshops:

OFW17, 2022, Cambridge (hybrid event)
OFW16, 2021, Dublin (held virtually)
OFW15, 2020, Arlington (held virtually)
OFW14, 2019, Duisburg
OFW13, 2018, Shanghai
OFW12, 2017, Exeter
OFW11, 2016, Guimarães
OFW10, 2015, Ann Arbor
OFW9, 2014, Zagreb
OFW8, 2013, Jeju
OFW7, 2012, Darmstadt
OFW6, 2011, Pennsylvania
OFW5, 2010, Gothenburg
OFW4, 2009, Montréal
OFW3, 2008, Milan
OFW2, 2007, Zagreb
OFW1, 2006, Zagreb