Steady resistance simulation

Steady resistance of ship hull

Determining steady resistance of the ship hull is a major objective in the naval design process. CFD simulation provides a valuable tool to evaluate efficiently a large number of design alternatives. The performance of the simulation software determines the turnover time and thus directly the productivity of the design team. 


Wikki Ltd has developed a steady resistance solver application using a novel approach, which combines a steady-state assumption for the p/U-system coupled with the transient movement of the free surface. Combined with extensive numerical stabilization measures, this solver can be run at a flow Courant number around Co=3000 and interface Courant number around 100. The result is an extremely fast simulation turnover: On 84 processors, a mesh with 600k polyhedral cells required 17 minutes to converge. 

Validation with a DTMB 5415 geometry with 13M cell mesh gave highly accurate results with a deviation of less than 0.85% from the experimental value.

If you are interested in employing OpenFOAM for naval hydrodynamics applications, please contact us.