This section gives an overview of the various community activities that exist around foam-extend and OpenFOAM®. You may use this as a starting point to see who else is active out there and how you can get involved.

OpenFOAM Workshops

The longest running annual conference on CFD with foam-extend and OpenFOAM®.

OpenFOAM wiki

The Unofficial OpenFOAM wiki offers a comprehensive collection of all aspects around foam-extend and OpenFOAM®. The wiki lists community events and conferences, provides howtos and tutorials as well as an overview of potentially useful third party tools. Special interest groups use the wiki to document their activities. The extend-bazaar, a platform to easily share code, case setups and whole extension suites (such as swak4Foam and waves2Foam), is also hosted here. Please feel free to join in and help to create and improve pages.

Discussion Forum

The most popular and active discussion board on topics related to foam-extend and OpenFOAM® is hosted at CFD-Online. This is the place to ask questions, answer questions and share experiences and insights. There are several forums, each dedicated to a specific topic, from OpenFOAM installation ot OpenFOAM programming and development.