Active Projects

European Projects

VIPCOAT is a European Project with the main objective to establish an ontology-based Open Innovation Platform by development of inhibiting, active protective coatings and corresponding accelerator tests for assessing their in-service durability. The aim is to assist engineers in coating industry in developing coating materials and to advice accelerated test scenarios for their durability based on standardized simulation workflows. Iinitially, VIPCOAT will target the aeronautic industry, the Open Innovation Platform will develop interoperable Apps, based on standardized ontologies as extensions of the European Materials Modelling Ontology, which will allow cross industry fertilization.



EXAFOAM is a European Project with the main objective to improve parallelization of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. CFD has become a mature technology in engineering design, contributing strongly to industrial competitiveness and sustainability across a wide range of sectors. Future growth depends upon the exploitation of massively parallel HPC architectures. However, this is currently hampered by performance scaling bottlenecks.


The foam-extend release is the community edition of the open source CFD software OpenFOAM®. Many people have contributed models and solvers, helped finding bugs and extended the code base. For the full list, see below and previous release notes at the site.