About us

Wikki Ltd. was founded by prof. Hrvoje Jasak in 2004 as a part of the original release of FOAM into Open Source (OpenFOAM) following its successful proprietary development at Nabla Ltd, and based on its roots at Imperial College London. It has quickly become obvious that a modern object-oriented software of this kind works best in an open environment and collaborative development mode, served by expertise of its original author.

Over the years Wikki has performed a number of successful industrial projects incorporating the R&D activities in computational modelling with state-of-the-art software design, both the the benefit of our clients and to the wider community based around the FOAM platform.

In 2008, an old partnership from Imperial College was re-established, with dr. Henrik Rusche joining Wikki as a partner.  He has brought his specialist automotive CFD knowledge, as well as his profound knowledge of CFD, methodology and physical modelling. A legal page of Wikki GmbH, a Wikki branch situated in Germany, can be accessed at the following link.

In 2012, Wikki Brazil has become a part of the group, offering CFD, training, support and software development services in South America.  Based in Rio de Janeiro, Wikki Brazil offers exciting opportunities based on the way high-quality open source simulation software brings into a rapidly growing economy.

Today, the company continues to grow, both in profile and size: introducing new clients, employees and strategic alliances aimed at profoundly changing and democratising the field of industrial CFD/CCM modelling and helping to bring the fruit of successful research project into the hands of industrial practitioners.

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