NUMAP-FOAM Summer School 2023

Numerical Modelling of Coupled Problems in Applied Physics with OpenFOAM (NUMAP-FOAM)
Summer School 2023 at the University of Cambridge, UK

The Centre for Scientific Computing at the Department of Physics, The Cavendish Laboratory announces the 16th edition of the Summer School on Modelling of Coupled Problems in Applied Physics with OpenFOAM (NUMAP-FOAM) for graduate students and young researchers in Cambridge in September 2023. The Program Chair is Professor Hrvoje Jasak. This is the second edition of NUMAP-FOAM to be held in Cambridge.

The School aims to provide tuition at expert level for a small and selected group of students and researchers in academia and industry. The idea of the NUMAP-FOAM School is to expand the physical modelling knowledge, numerics and programming skills of attendees using OpenFOAM in their research through direct supervision and one-to-one project work. Lectures on chosen topics of mathematical and numerical modelling pertinent to coupled problems in engineering and applied physics will be delivered in addition. For further references, please contact the organizers or one of more than 165 alumni of previous editions of the School.

More information and how to apply can be found at the following link.